I had grown my mustache in november for a few years now but I wanted to participate in a more meaningful way this year. I was naturally quite excited when my roommate approached me and suggested we create a team to collect funds. The topic of mental health, and especially for men, is something really dear to my heart, and so it made sense for me to support this cause. However, we wanted to give ourselves a challenge and to give back at the same time, to say thanks to our supporters in a meaninful, personal way.

Hence came the idea of running based on the amount of money we received. It was a little complicated to estimate though, because it was our first time doing it, and also because I wasn't sure how much I could run in a month. We were therefore both constrained by our physical abilities and by the weather (you won't see me running below 5 degrees). In the end, we settled for a $200 objective, with a 1km ran per dollar ratio, giving us an average of 25km per week each. Below is a recap and heatmap of my runs throughout november, in chronological order. They are also available publicly on Strava.

Run recap Run Recap
Running heatmap Movember Running Heatmap

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised by the support of our friends and families, as we received an equivalent of 3 times the original goal. We are both very proud to have reached our running objective, this was by far the most I had run in a month! I am really excited to do it again next year, hopefully in a larger group, who knows...